Showcasing the best of Irish hiphop & alternative music

A webstite started by Cork rapper Craic Boi Mental dedicated to showcasing up and coming $quick Artists with an emphasis put on urban acts outside of dublin and alternative artists across the country. 


What Is $quick? 

It's a name given to the movement of alternative and diy Irish acts who cross genres and break boundaries. $quick takes pride in giving women, trans and people of the LGBT community a stronger voice and more opportunities in Irish music. $quick wants to branch out and has all ready had it's first showcase event up in Dublin at the workmans club. We're here to give performance opportunities and promote your work. Any artist that does not wish to be identified as $quick can simply request that we do not post about them or their work any more. Seriously though aren't the terms "alternative" and "urban" a little bit outdated and unimaginative now $quick is a term and movement exclusive to Irish artists and with the right backing and dedication could go very far. 

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