6 Powerful Women in the $quick Scene

"Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times" Björk told pitchfork back in 2015, relaying her experience as a female producer and musician throughout her celebrated career. YES sis! We hear you! We relate! And we most definitely stan a fellow bo$$ bitch who isn't afraid to say it like it is! It's safe to say that women and members of the LGBTQ+ community are truly under-represented in the Irish Music industry today. The gender imbalance is especially prevalent in the predominantly male hip hop scene here in Ireland! No offence biiiys... but you know it's true! With that being said, when the question is asked "Is it the responsibility of women to support and empower other women in the industry?" Mary Blaze (who is definitely not Whip Girl ) says - "Damn fucking straight it is!" And as for confronting misosogyny in the music industry? Well, that's a whole other auspicious article for another day! So ladies & gents for today, I bring you 6 Powerful Women in the $quick scene! These Queens are all slaying it in their own unique way, bringing their delicious creativity and Goddess POWA to our diverse and ever burgeoning $quick scene. I tip my hat to you ladies! Keep doing your thang <3
1. Whip Girl

This numba 1 Gangsta Bitch is the Queen of $quick! And just like her mam in law Enya (mother of $quick) Whip Girl too is one bad bitch, yet an ethereal enigma! Involved in the music scene over the years in various incarnations, she has always been a trailblazer with an electrifying stage presence! From being a well known OG Cork hiphop dancer with Flava Floors, to fronting U.K prog metal bands, such as Liquid Sky to opening for Jessie J. She released her much anticipated Debut Solo album "Zero" in 2017 as her alter ego Kalikah. Listen here Overblown said "Kalikah is a bit of an anomaly, enigmatically visual, riveting & intriguing. She’s a DIY, independent musician with a pop sound and a theatrical bent. Undoubtedly, that’s an unusual and unique combination!" Empowerment is a major theme that runs through all aspects of her work. Rebirthed now as the notorious wild child "Whip Girl" alongside her partner in crime Craic Boi she is helping to pioneer the $quick movement. You can listen to her debut track "Gangsta Bitch" here 20:20

2. Ophelia MC
Ophelia MC - No stranger in the underground rap scene! Dublin born but adopted into the arms of the rebel County Cork. Sonically & lyrically she's one tough cookie, with a sweet soulful/jazzy side! She opened for Whip Girl aka Kalikah's Album Launch back in 2017. Overblown said of her performance "At times recalling Zack de la Rocha or Kate Tempest with her politically and socially conscious rhymes, she is an imposing and visceral force"
Ophelia will be performing at Knockanstockan festival this summer , alongside fellow $quick heads Craic Boi Mental & Whip Girl. A performance not to be missed!

Check her out here

3. Freda Michelle Conlon
Freda Michelle Conlon - Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist/Frontwoman
This D.I.Y Punk Queen has been ruling the punk scene both in Ireland and the U.K for the past few years now! This lil lady is pure dynamite! Her self defined "Structured Chaos" is melodic but truly demented. Lyrically she brings depth, addressing topics such as mental health, female rage and heartfelt emotional issues. She has been fronting her band "Kiss my Acid for the past few years" You can check them out here
4. Senita Appiakorang
Senita is a Soulful Powerhouse! Well known lee-side as the front woman of Funky Cork sextet Shookrah and also one half of electronic duo Lakerama. Nialer9 said of their Debut single
" Shookrah WOW with their debut single ‘W O M A N’, a declaration of feminine fun"
In the chorus Senita sings "I'm a woman, I'm a woman, and a woman's a real fine thing to be" Yes indeed it is sis! <3 You can catch Senita and her band performing at many festivals this summer, including Knockanstockan , alongside $quick pioneers Craic Boi Mental & Whip Girl! To check out Senita & band's eclectic sultry smooth sounds, click here!
5. Elaine Malone
Limerick born/Cork based Elaine Malone has been making waves across Ireland with her unique blend of psy/folk music. Known for her haunting voice and poetic lyricism combined with grunge roots and psychedelic leanings. Her blunt and apologetic style has succeeded in gaining her much respect from many a fellow muso! I noted that Elaine shared some posts recently , speaking out about sexism in the music industry, and helping to give a voice to others who may have been through a similar experience. Kudos for that guuurl *$quick sis fist bump! She recently released a new track called "My baby's dead" Check it out here
6.Kate Lawless
Kate Lawless (otherwise known as Ladybird) is a songwriter poet and singer from County Galway. Before spending a few years in Cork recording her debut studio album, she dipped her toe into competing in poetry slams around galway and also had a cameo in the Hardy bucks as ladybird! She's as comfortable writing a rap with a chorus to an old school hip hop beat as writing a serious socially conscious song on the guitar. Her songs include autobiographical quirky stories about her perilous adventures around the world and they feature some of the colourful characters she met along on the way. Click here to listen on Spotify
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