6 $quick Hits For Your Summer 

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

1. Whip Girl - Gangsta Bitch 20:25
One half of whip mental, she dropped her debut solo track at the start of the summer. Gangsta Bitch is a well crafted feminist anthem with a hard trap beat to accompany it. It has won over quiet a few admirers including $quickstar Fomorian Vein who stated that it was his "favourite track off of Cork City Anthems 2"
2. Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies - Heavenly Tones
A new direction for Glastonbury performer Post Punk Podge. The technohippies come through with a smooth Disco house style instrumental matched well by Post Punk Podge's sultry vocals. You can catch them at knockanstockan next week performing this and their other classics
3. Tebi Rex - Financial Controller
A catchy jam that'll be attached to your cranium for the rest of the summer. The song has accumulated over 20k streams on Spotify, with Matt's infectious hook and Max Zanga smoothly delivered rap verse it's easy to see why. The music video is professionally shot and features squickstar Sick Nanley (Who killed his $quick hours set last friday) and $quick dj Sohotsospicy who was also in attendance at the event.
4. Uwmami & Awesimon - Six Drinks
Right before her debut live set at $quickest last Friday, Uwmami dropped a new bop "Six Drinks" with Awesimon. A mellow track with a pretty instrumental, Awesimon opens the track capably singing about alcohol consumption and contrasting feelings towards his lover. Uwmami picks up where he left off with an equally impressive verse. Two artists to look out for in the very near future.
5. Elaine Malone - My Baby's Dead
A very well respected indie artist, Elaine Malone is not taking shit from her baby on her latest track. A song which tackles such relationship issues as alcohol consumption and loyalty, sang immaculately by Elaine. The backing music is perfectly constructed and the whole song has sinister undertones
6. Craic Boi Mental - Polos Is Still Life
The pioneer of $quick, Craic boi started off the summer with yet another classic hit about polomints. This one has a well produced $quickwave instrumental to go with it. One of the stand out hits from his recent Diaries of a Squickhead mixtape.

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