6 $quick Hits Of The Week

A busy week in Irish music let's take a look in no particular order at 6 $quick hits of the last 7 days.

1. Craic Boi Mental - Pink Lucozade

The hardest working artist in the country is back and it's magic. Pink Lucozade has a typically catchy chorus and an incredibly funky beat to boot.

A song where Craic boi sings about his new found love of Pink Lucozade, The equally fabulous video is shot in ballydehob, West Cork which sees Craic boi rocking a new look with dyed pink hair #legendary

2. Hazey Haze - Bottle Fever

Off one of the countries most impressive EP drops so far this year, Hazey comes through with an absolute banger of a track "Bottle Fever". Its the second track from his Friday release "The Drug Ep"and our favorite track off it. Produced by Zissou the bass heavy instrumental has a dark mysterious vibe to accompany Hazey's own distinctive energy and flow. The lyrics surround Hazey's relationship with alcohol "Like a genie I'm Living in a bottle". You'll be able to hear this hit at Knockanstockan next Sunday.

3. Pat Lagoon - See You At

The hottest hitmaker from waterford is back with another class tune, "See you out" is the latest release from Pat Lagonn and Anomaly. Probably his best song yet with a contagious hook and wavey instrumental. While Craic boi mental was all about the Pink Lucozade this week it seems young Lagoon is more a fan of Lemon Fanta.

4. Uwmami & Aaron Everything - 9254 Dreamers

For a second list in row $quick hours performer Uwmami returns with the fabulously produced instrumental for "9254 Dreamers". Aaron Everything really impressed us this week with his passionate vocals on the track. He's an artist with a unique voice and catchy lyrics which complement this beat extremely well

5. Sick Nanley X Jake Hurley - Twinsanity

Not a song that was dropped this week but one which was performed at $quick fest last week caught the ear and mind of one such Craic Boi Mental. A smooth instrumental and class comedic rapping makes up this track. It's refreshing to hear an Irish hip hop ($quick) track where it seems the rappers had a blast making it .

6. Gadget And The Cloud & Kobina - Keep You (Remix)

A Pretty sounding instrumental with many intriguing switch ups remixed by Irish Amsterdam residing musican Kobina. We loved this beat this week and it's clear gadget and the cloud and Kobina are two of best music producers currently making music in the country at this very moment

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