Finally Cohesive Irish Hip Hop Spotify Playlists

Seeing Irish hip hops recent growth has been inspiring, much props must be giving to all the curators of Irish hip hop playlists on Spotify over the years. Spotifys own playlists like "New Eire" and "A Breath Of Fresh Eire" have helped many acts gain streams across the country.

Only problem is the playlists are not cohesive and often times clumsily put together. We at $quick feel as though Irish hip hop is big enough now to be divided into it's many sub genres to complement the different styles of hip hop music been created in the country.

We've created 6 different playlists for the listeners to enjoy their own personal favourite sub genre. Make sure to follow them we'll be updating all of them a few times a week

1. $quick Weirdos

Here you will find your favourite abstract hip hop tracks from rappers some refer to as "comedy acts" such as Craic boi Tpm and the Rubberbandits to the obscure productions of Naive Ted


2. $quick Conciousness

A playlist dedicated to rappers who's songs put an emphasis on its lyrical content often with jazzy production behind it. Artists like Nealo, God Knows and fynch can be heard here


3. $quick Chill

An instrumental heavy playlist showcasing Irish hip hop producers such as Marcus Woods and Gadget And The Cloud who make mellow beats and laid back Irish rnb tunes


4. $quick Pop

For the more poppy sounding Irish hip hop jams. Tebi Rex feature heavy on here with their catchy bops.


5.$quick Bangers

Straight to the point ideal tracks to turn up to. Bangers from Evans Junior and grime star Mango


6. $quick OGs

A playlist paying homage to the OGs of Irish hip hop such as Rob Kelly and the rubberbandits.


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